New Private Network question

First time poster here. I did my best to search, but don’t really see my answer, I do not think.

I have been using the Comodo Firewall for a year, or so, and have installed it on many computers. On my personal notebook, i recently upgraded to version 3.0.

My notebook is connected wirelessly to my desktop computer (and that is connected to the internet via DSL). Currently, I have no other networking.

I am getting a message from my firewall saying a New Private Network has been detected. It is some sort of “Packet Scheduler Miniport”. What the hell is that, and what direction should I give the firewall?

I have been simply closing the box, as I am totally confused.

Thank you, in advance, for any help in this matter.

Well, as this request has had many views, and no replies, I assume nobody here knows what a “Packet Scheduler Miniport” is, or they think it is so simple, that I should know it.

It is interesting (at least to me) that a Google search of this shows others asking the same question, and not getting an answer (well, at least not a straight answer), either.

I’m hoping someone can send me in the right direction…is this not the place to post this question? Do I need to change the way it is worded? Seriously, any help is appreciated.

As I can’t find any real support area at Comodo, I assume they do support in this forum. Am I mistaken?

Thanks, again.

Hello The Dean and welcome to the Comodo forum.

I don’t know what a packet scheduler miniport is either but I know what the popup message is asking me to do. It is asking to approve the setup of your LAN. It will make a rule for you in your global rules allowing access to your LAN. This is the rule it made for me when I allowed it.


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Thanks. The thing is, I really don’t have a LAN, per se. And I already approved the connection to the DSL router. Everything is working fine w/o me approving it.

i guess i will just approve it the next time, and it will stop asking me.

I appreciate the help.