New Private Network Detected


Ever since i’ve used Comodo I get this “New Prvate Network Detected” popup when I boot my P.C up. I always click “Close” on this, hence why it always comes up.

I can still connect to the Internet without no problem but i’d like to get rid of this popup at the start, so could someone suggest what settings to choose?

Basically it’s just my wireless connection, and it’s for my home P.C which I do not use for a network, just to connect to the Internet.

  • Should I give it a name and press OK,
  • or give it a name, check the box which says “do not detect new networks” and then press OK ??

Hello JJ2K,

You should click “OK” when you get this pop-up it will then assign that entry to your “My Network Zones” list along with the Loopback address one,
It should be added as “Local Area Network #1
Go to Firewall/My Network Zones and click on “What do these settings do?” for some good info.


Hello Matt;
I have the same problem as JJ2K, with the message “NEW PRIVATE NETWORK DETECTED”, but I do not have any LAN network at home. The only thing I’ve changed was that about 3-months ago, I changed my usb DSL modem to a single computer ethernet modem which my internet provider required for higher bandwith(this new service will start in a few days). The modem works fine, but 2-weeks ago, I started getting the NEW PRIVATE… message when I boot. Any chance there is some evil dealings here?

Should I proceed the same as you suggested to JJ2K???

Thks. Mark

Welcome to the forum VASLI,

Yes just select OK and the IP address will be listed in “My Network Zones”

Being listed here does not give it any special priveliges it just allows you to configure things accordingly.
Have a look in Firewall/My network zones–>Click on “What do these settings do?” for a more detailed explanation.
You have probably been assigned a new IP address


I am new to COMODO and the forum. I had the same problem with New Private Network #1 so finally let it go through…now I am getting a New Private Network #2 detected. I only have my laptop and no network. I also have the loopback listed. Am I under attack?

No, you are not under attack. Go to Miscellaneous/Settings, and turn off ‘Automatically Detect New Private Networks’.

Thank you for the quick reply. Since I OK’d #1and it is now detecting #2, am I to assume it will keep adding networks infinitum? If I turn off the detect/alert, will it just OK them all? How many do I need on a single laptop? Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance.

If you turn it off, you won’t get new networks unless you define them.

Maybe someone can comment on this . . .

I’ve assumed that when you plug anything into your ethernet socket,
(eg modem) then you are using a local area network from then on,
with one device on it, with one IP address allocated.

I don’t think you need to have a router and other devices connected
for this to be true.

Am I wrong in thinking this ? It’s a pretty basic point.

Quite a number of people on the forum seem to be assuming
that because they have one computer, with no router, that they have no LAN
network connection. . . just a connection to their ISP.

Also, if you trace your own IP address with ‘whois’,
it comes back with your service provider’s network details.

I know that Windows gives you an option to nominate your
LAN as private or public, even though you’ve just got a modem connected
to your ethernet socket.

Any answers from all you network experts out there ?


LAN is the Local Area Network you maintain between your computer(s) (whether they be wired or wireless) and a router.
WAN is the Wide Area Network you have with the ISP (and subsequently, the Internet.)

That is dangerous and uncalled for behaviour of Windows.