New Private Network Detected

Upon restarting my computer i see this message from Comodo Firewall. The network detected is Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX Gigabit Controller- Packet Scheduler Miniport.
Since i’m still trying to understand and get used to my new security programs i recently installed i am not wanting to bleep anything up! When this message appears should i check OK? THANKS for helping!

Do you have a Network Adapter with a similar name? Usually OK, but you can go to Device Manager/view/show hidden devices and see all the real and virtual network adapters on your machine.

well- i’m not on a network- this is just a home pc- no router- no other pc’s here. where’s device mgr?

Then you are connected directly to the internet, and really need a good software firewall. Right click on “my computer”. select properties, then hardware/device manager in XP, or device manager in Vista. You probably just have a Broadcom Network Interface Card acting as your Network Adapter to the internet.

i did that…i do have Broadcom Well thanks for the help- i’m not used to using Comodo- actually i don’t have a clue! A super tech from Comcast forums HIGHLY reccomends Comodo for firewall & BoClean…whatever that is! Now i have to figure out HOW to use these programs! YIKES!

Much of setting it up initially makes use of the log, so I add at the end of the rules for every application with a block and log in case I have forgotten that something needs to go to the internet for updates, for example. Often you will see things blocked, and if they don’t affect anything, you can ask about them and leave them blocked until someone gives you a good reason to allow them. Since you are not using a router, you will see a tremendous amount of what is commonly called “internet noise” in Google-just computers throughout the world trying addresses to see if they respond. Thus the warning to not allow things that don’t affect you. :slight_smile: Usually a final global rule to block/all/in/any/any/any/any is a good starting point-go to “stealth port wizard” under firewall/common tasks and select the “block all incoming” there for your starting rule set. Then you can add exceptions above that if you need to allow things that require inbound connections that you are comfortable with. Or spring for a good wireless router like a Linksys wrt54g which will get rid of the internet noise for you. BO clean is in a sense redundant with D+, so you can learn a lot with just that.