new private network detected (still no solution) ?!?!

I have searched the forum but did not find an useful answer for my problem. I am a new user of the comodo firewall. My question is: What do I have to choose, if the message “new private network detected - 169.254.. …” appears? As far as I know, the IP is a special one for home networks. Should I “trust the other PCs in this network” (as mentioned in Step 2)? Should I be “fully accessible”? Or would this cause some vulnerability, if I do so?
It seems that other users also have this problem (but no solution).


I just had this happen to me after losing my connection. All I did was close the window because I do
not want this network defined since it is of no value to me. I restarted by normal network connection
and everything seems fine now.


Go to miscellaneous/settings and turn off “automatically detect new private networks”.

Hi zylion,
Just a remark: - the reason you (and, maybe other users) haven’t received an answer – is because you don’t really provide the complete information.
Can you please say if you’re using a LAN? Are you using DHCP?
Looks that you’re receiving 169.254.141… address (– this is the default address assigned by windows when unable to detect another address -), but you are still able to use the network – that suggests you’re having a dial-up or PPPoE connection. (with a completely different IP when established).
If that’s the case, please try the following:
Allow CFP to detect your network and add it to your network zones, without making it “fully accessible”, or trusting anything;
and then add the new network to you blocked network zones. If you will be able to use your network then, that’s it.
Tip (free :stuck_out_tongue: ): if you add this address from the beginning to your “Local Area Connection” or whatever it’s called (only if you have dial-up, pppoe, or static LAN), your computer will also boot much faster.

Hope this helps, Gabi

Thanks for the tip Gabi.
Since there are a few posts reguarding this network call it local or false first screenshot
DHCP alert which I did not allow straight away to get the false or local network second screenshot
Last screenshot my proper Lan network

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Thanks to all for your hints.
To gaby: I followed your description and it seems to work. :slight_smile: Thank you. (by the way: I am not using a LAN. DHCP? Don’t know.)

The 169.254.X.X address range will also occur when you connect a PDA (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 or Palm) to a PC.

You’re welcome.

Thanks Ewen, didn’t knew that.

“If you type “Google” into Google, you can break the internet!" - Jen Barber”
If you type “chrome://browser/content/browser.xul” inside FireFox, you don’t break FF, but have less memory :slight_smile:

Hi everyone
I have as well received these pop up alerts. The network last was detected, was 10.7.XX.XX/
(masked the numbers to XX if this really is someone’s private wlan network in the neighbourhood)
All machines in my home network are 10.0.0.X/ ip numbers, so this is something that’s not mine.

I take these popups as someone either accidentally or of purpose tries to utilize my WLAN network either to use my internet connection or ■■■■■ to my network shares. That’s why I use to close them and absolutely don’t want to be fully accessible.

Every time before i have after these popups started, changed the whole Wlan setup (SSID, WPA-2 preshared key phrase etc.), channel, and so on. and rebooted the wlan router.
And, surprise, surprise, these popups have stopped for weeks or months… :wink: