New Private Network Detected, computer hacked?

Hi There,
First of all I saw a simliar post but I didn’t understand much of it so I’m posting a request for laymans terms responses. I got a pop up window from Comodo Firewall announcing the above.

The message below had what I understand is two Isp adresses with a “/” in the middle; and then this:

"Firewall has detected a new private network your Pc is about to join. You may either close this window or follow the steps shown in the screen.

Step 1-Give a name to this network
(Box for name here)

Step 2-Decide if you want to trust other PCs in this network
(tick box) Fully Accessible

            (tick box) do not auto detect new networks                         
                                                                                  Ok            Close"

What does this mean? I have not initiated any Private Network connections with any other Pc. I don’t even know how such a thing would be done or what it’s function is?

Is it likely that this could be a hacker or it could have been a rogue file I’ve downloaded?

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Did you happen to notice the IP address of the detected network?

CIS will, if allowed. automatically detect the presence of new networks and when it does you will receive that alert. The setting may be changed by opening CIS from the system tray selecting Miscellaneous/settings It’s the 4th check box.

The could be a number of reasons for this alert but without knowing the IP address i’d be guessing the correct answer.

I seriously doubt, however, if you’ve been ‘hacked’

Did you disconnect from your internet connection. I get this same message when I have disconnected the power cord from my cable modem.

Nah, it was before I had connected.

Hi there,
Below the title alert at the top it had:

I don’t really know anything about ‘Private Networks’ like this. Can you tell me what they are in simple terms and what they are used for?

Basically the people that manage the numbers (IP Addresses) used on the Internet, long ago, reserved some of those numbers for special use. Some of these reserved numbers are referred to as private IP addresses. The most common being: - - -

These are typically used on networks that are behind devices like NAT, so that the private addresses used on one side aren’t used o the Internet.

Another Block of addresses that are reserved: to

This block of addresses is used for a process called APIPA (Automatic Private IP addressing)

Microsoft and others have used this block of addresses in their operating systems for sometime now.

Essentially, when your computer starts it looks for somewhere to get an IP Address (A DHCP Server) if it can’t find one, the operating system generates one automatically and assigns it.

This is what you were seeing.

I hope that helps.

Do you have a settop box in your network. Some settop boxes work in the 169 range on your local network.

Yes it does. Thank you very much.

Does Commodo automatically detect whether the network being set up is safe or not?

Sorry, what do you mean? The only type of set top box I know about is for digital tv :oS