New predefined profile: Portable Application

Hi, I’d like a new predefined security profile for Defense+:
Portable Application

(a typical profile for maximum security):

  • Access to (portable) application folder and subfolders only
  • Run executables into application folder and subfolders only
  • No access to Windows Registry
  • No access to services, drivers installations and other high risky items

How can I create this profile while you add this new profile in future releases?
Thank you very much

right. agree.

Hi, can you add this Predefined Portable Profile?
Or can you tell me how can I create this profile?
Thank you very much


I like the idea, and it may work for some portable applications.

Unfortunately others such as Open Office and Firefox are “portabalised” by a pre-run phase that preserves the original registry keys before the application uses them, and a post-run phase that restores the original registry keys.