New portable Comodo dragon v

New portable Comodo dragon version

The portable version is NOT a official version and NOT supported. But it'll be created because some people would like a portable version (it's NOT 100% completely portable), but it will get the job done

If you find any bugs, exploits, and such, PLEASE report it :slight_smile:

I can’t use the dragon because some of the pages give me the “aw snap” screen (probably because I tweaked my computer too far. :slight_smile:

This does has “user profile folder” in it (In case some of you were wondering) :wink: :-TU
I really don’t know much about the dragon, but I will try to answer anything if I know it

I took out the setup.exe file for this on (saves 20 mb’s :stuck_out_tongue: )

if you don’t like the folder, do this

  1. Right click on it
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Click on “Customize”
  4. Click on “change icon”
  5. A new screen pops up, Click “browse”
  6. Find the Comodo dragon folder
  7. Double click on “Dragon”
  8. Double click on the dragon file (the one with the picture)
  9. A new screen comes up and double click on that picture
  10. Click on “Apply”
  11. Then Click on O.K.
  12. Your done :wink:

Can this be re stickied :slight_smile:
Thank You :wink:

Oh djee, so many troubles :D. But I’ll be happy to do that for you ;).


I’ve downloaded it and it’s still, wrong download link?

I've downloaded it and it's still, wrong download link?
I went and checked it out myself, Your right it's I ■■■■■■■ something up. I create a new post asking to remove my link for now

Sorry people :cry: I make it right, and then I’ll make a new link available

There’s a new link now

It’s been fixed

Sorry again people

Why isn’t this hosted on official servers?

Because this isn’t an official product. It’s something done by a community member.