New novice user

I just installed the FW last night, like what I see. It configured a lot for me, but I am afraid that it may give to much permissions to things, I am paranoid!!! Can anyone tell me or point me to a post that can tell me how to configure the firewall, and what rules I may need to create? Any suggestions that will help me would be great as well…

Thanks so much!!!

You can simply go to

Application Monitor and delete any rules existing. Then disable security->advanced->automatically approve safe applications option and restart your PC. If you want to see more verbose popups, then you also need to disable “Security->Advanced->Basic popup logic”.

Then CPF will show you popups and will create rules according to your answers. You can further modify the rules in application monitor after the popups.


Thanks, what (if any) would need server rights??? Windows programs, symantec AV corp edition, trojan hunter, firefox, email… Thanks!!!

You can safely allow them. Because unless you add a specific network monitor rule, acting as a server does not pose any threat.

FYI : This behavior changed in the futre releases of CPF. You wont see act as a server that frequently.


OH, ok, then the default when it scanned should be safe enough…? A lot of resources, can I disable any of the start up programs? and I saw the faq for emule, anything I should know before adding the emule rule?

Thanks so much for your time and help

The default network monitor will be safe enough. But dont delete the rule beginning with BLOCK IP IN FROM ANY…


Does this look ok?

THANKS, and what about turning off lauch pad?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes. Rules seem ok. If you turn Lauchpad, CPF may crash. We will be removing CLP in the next releases. So better leaving it alone for now.

OK, will wait… And thanks again for your help. Now to go look at the emule rules…