New/ Not to sure if infected or not

Hi there!
I am Shadowtime101. I am new to this forum and I think I am infected. I’ve had this virus for about 9 months now and I just can’t take put up with it anymore. Also I have ran scans with alot of scanners like mbam, emsisoft, adwcleaner, hitman pro, etc. They all found something and removed a lot. My laptop is still very slow though and I think I am still infected. Somethings have popped up on my desktop with out me doing anything. My pc has also been through the bootloop/automatic repair loop which I think is hardware failure, not to sure. I was able to get out of that though through a restore point but the restore point was an infected point. I’m not to sure if my computer is infected or the infection was removed long ago and this is the after affect of it, but my pc has always been so slow and very laggy in games. I’m not to sure what to do about it, I have considered doing a reformat but my computer can go back into the bootloop and hardware failure from a reformat. Please help, I want my computer to go back to the way it was before.


Please try following Chiron’s guide to check and remove malware: Virus removal and PC security tools – an overview - Gizmo's Best .

After this and what you already did let’s assume your system is clean and we will focus on your hardware/driver situation.