New Nickname

I came up with a new nickname for myself and my new nickname is Rainbow because in A Pony’s Life Story Glory calls me Rainbow. What does everyone think of my new nickname. (B) ???

??? huh ??? what nickname? where ?

New Nickname is gonna be Rainbow Ganda :slight_smile:

Any pony named Rainbow is a ■■■■ kickin pony :stuck_out_tongue:

you mean Cowboy rusty ====> Rainbow?

oops sorry, i’ve seen
so you mean you change your name there.
and you’re collecting pony doll ???

Actually im not sure if he is switching his name to Rainbow or just his new nickname is Rainbow… Nevermind me im confused :frowning:

My Name and Nickname is going to be Rainbow because I think that is a very good nickname and name for me because that is what Glory calls me in A Pony’s Life. Sorry for the confusion and I do collect My Little Pony because I grew up with that show and I love it. I did change my name on my Live Journal also. :slight_smile:

I support you Rainbow, you should have a name you’re comfortable with. :slight_smile:

I like my own, but I’ve realized that many think I’m a female, which I’m not. Not that it really matters, but still…

Anyway, go Rainbow!


Thanks and Please call me Rainbow. (:HUG)

so we can change our name in this forum? i thought we need to re-register as a new member to do that.
i’ll change my name to CLINT EASTWOOD ;D .

You can change your Display name and I’m a unicorn. I updated My character to make her Snowflake now.