New Network Not Blocked

Every time I boot my PC, Comodo recognizes a new network which is and I have no clue what this and Whois shows nothing registered.
I block this address in Comodo blocked zones, but every time I boot it continues to recognize it and puts in network zones.
Can anybody help me with this behavior. I use Windows 7.

Being put in Network Zones does not mean it gets trusted. Putting a zone in Network Zones is a courtesy to the user to make it easier to make rules for network zones.

When Windows does not see a DHCP server to get an IP address from it will create an IP address in the 169 range (APIPA range).

You could disable the Automatically Detect New Private Networks setting.

Thanks. I find that setting useful when I use VPN to my office. I leave it as recognized now so it does not pop up anymore but not sure I understand where it comes from. My PC is behind a router with 192.168. address and COX provides DHCP.
No biggie … I was just worried someone was somehow getting to my PC from a strange network. If it is harmless, that is great.