new network-message without adding any network ! possible hacking or attack ?

Hi everybody,

today i noticed on two pc´s in the same (my) network a comodo message about a “new network” with the ip-address: .

But I never add a new network or something like this !

So what might be the reason ? An Attack or Hacking on my Network or something else ??
After some research i´ve noticed that the IP is assigned to the " Internet Assigned Numbers Authority", may it be possible that they are trying to get access to my network for any reason ?

But that might be very strange in my opinion because i´ve never assigned to anything from that company or do any filesharing stuff…

I hope you can help me out with that problem !

Thx Moroga

Welcome to the forum Moroga :slight_smile:
Please read here and here

Hi Dennis,

so you mean that the message is not as important as i thought ?

The reason is any problem with the internet-connection and that this occured because an ad-hoc connection to some host couldn´t be established?

Greets Moroga

You hit the nail on the head. When Comodo detects a new network it won’t make any rules for it. You are still as safe as you were before.

It is a service to the user to detect the new network. The user could then make the network a trusted network using the Stealt Ports Wizard.