new Network found ... but I do not recognize it...

My system reported a new Network and asked me if this is a home or public network.
Problem is, that I have no idea where this new network is coming from …

The got a new PC and connected it to my home network which is Addresses.
The new network that is found is (whatever the /17 at the end means).

If I ping this address the result is also somehow strange:

Ping wird ausgeführt für mit 32 Bytes Daten:
Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.

Ping-Statistik für
Pakete: Gesendet = 4, Empfangen = 4, Verloren = 0
(0% Verlust),

it says the answer from the PC with my local IP (.xxx.27) and the target host is not reachable (Zielhost nicht erreichbar).
But it says also received (Empfangen) =4 … and 0% lost packages …

Can anybody explain this data ?

It seems 169.254.x.x adresses are given when a PC can’t properly obtain IP adress (DHCP problems parhaps.)

Also, type ranges belong to Ipv6 … but I’m not entirely sure.

As Maniak2000 suggested, addresses from this range are allocated by the OS, when a DHCP server cannot be contacted, even temporarily. The process is called APIPA or zero configuration networking. For IPv4 the address blocks used are - IPv6 uses a similar process, although it’s a little more complicated. As yet, CIS doesn’t have the facility to deal IPv6 in this way.

that was the issue. It seems my DHCP had a short problem, and of course the Firewall found the new network. When I started investigating the DHCP was working again, and my system had the normal IP…

Thanks for sharing your Knowledge …