New Network Detected

My XP computer died so I got a new Windows 7 computer two days ago and set up Comodo on it. I joined my home network and everything has been fine for two days. This morning there was a popup from comodo that a new network was detected, I didn’t know what this was so I canceled out of the popup. However, I couldn’t access the internet. I have a Linksys router running dd-wrt. I tried to access it via firefox at and I could not get to that either. I disconnected my wireless connection and then tried to reconnect but I got the same popup window detecting the same network. I rebooted my router by physically disconnecting the power. Still, when I try to connect, I get the same popup for the new network. I finally accepted the new network and can now access the internet and my router’s management web page. This seems fishy to me. Should I be concerned?

Does No network connection after using Stealth Ports Wizard (DHCP Broken) help you?