New Network detected

I don’t know if this is a probe or just an ordinary glitch. I was working on an Excel spreadsheet when a pop-up from CFP announced that it had detected a new network and asked me if I wanted to join. The network had a remote IP address: which turns out to be the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (or one of their address range). Is it possible that they are being used as a proxy to cloak an attack? Or is it just a random accidental connection?

I had the same thing happen to me and I think it’s the latter. Since I allowed a new private network, having to rename it, I had trouble logging on to the 'net from time to time, after a reboot. I think I’ve corrected the problem by removing the entries (in/out) in firewall, common tasks, my network zones.

It’s still listed in my global rules but I haven’t noticed any problems.

I’m blocking from the same source every 10 to 60 seconds. doesn’t seem coincedental