new network detected, no internet

i did a clean install of xp home, cis 3.9 and firefox on to a new hdd, everything worked fine. until now. i get a comodo message at start up ‘new network detected’ would i like to name this ‘local area connection 1’, i clicked close. i cannot now connect to the internet or repair the connection. windows says there is limited connectivity.
its a single pc conected to an ambit 256 cable modem via ethernet, no router. all windows updates
do i need to allow this network? with previous os i only added the loopback zone.

Can you see what IP address the new network is? I think it may be an address in the 169 range. Windows will assign an address in the 169 range when it does not see a network. Usually that means there is something wrong with the network connection or the network (connection to your modem).

Does rebooting Windows work? Do you have another computer you can hook up to your modem to see if your connection to your modem is functioning or not?

hello ericJH, will check the ip address shortly. 169 would be ok?
rebootiing windows does not help nor will switching off the modem. yes i do, the modem and connection are fine. im waiting for a reply from my isp

When you get an address in the 169 range Windows doesn’t see a network. That means it does not see your modem.

Since another computer is working with your modem the problem must be on your computer’s end. What does System Status say the CIS screen under Summary? Does it report a problem? It it does see a problem go to Miscellaneous → Diagnostics and see if the problem gets fixed.

the address begins 169, windows cannot find a network. do i release/ renew my ip?
how should i answer the pop-up?

problem solved, connection established and the pop up has gone away. thanks for the 169 address range tip