"New network detected" --- effects of choice on firewall activity ?

Before anything else:

Thank you Chiron for your most helpful article of 2/3/12 re installing CIS/CFW at techsupportalert.com

Here is my situation:

In my house I have a Linksys BEFSR41 4 port router to which 3 XP Pro SP3 computers and a wireless access point ( WAP ) are cabled.

The WAP is accessed by 1 computer running Vista Home Premium SP2, and a netbook running W7 Starter Edition.

All 5 computers ( LOL depending on the order they’re booted ), see each other on the network I created for them ( with the exception of the W7 netbook which can be seen and accessed by the other computers, but because of the limitations of W7 Starter Edition can’t see/access them ).

I have just finished installing CFW on the Vista computer, and uninstalling Dragon and Geek Buddy which were automatically installed with CFW.

I have a message on the Vista computer stating that the firewall has detected that the computer has joined a new network shown as Wireless and needs to know how to treat the network according to my location ---- the choices are Home, Work, and Public ( the latter of course not an option for me ). I also have a checkable box " Do not detect new networks again "

Before I make the choice of location, please explain the difference in the difference in effects on my network that will occur by choosing Work or Home – I am remembering that when I was researching getting the W7 netbook networked to the 3 XP computers ( I didn’t yet have the Vista rig ) that I had to be sure to make it part of a workgroup as opposed to a home network.

Or, given my above described system, should I simply check the " Do not detect new networks again " box and leave it at that ?

If I rather should choose between Home/Work I am very concerned about not having the computers able to see and access each other because of an incorrect choice between Home and Work. I am ( hopefully correctly ? ) presuming that either choice will have no effect on each computers ability to access the internet ?

Just for information, the 3 XP computers are running the Ashampoo Free Firewall ( which sadly isn’t supported by Vista or W7 ). The W7 netbook is for now staying with the Windows firewall ( which I don’t like because it doesn’t ( unlike Ashampoo and CFW ) allow me to configure outgoing rules. As soon as I have my Vista rig properly CFW configured, I will be installing CFW on the netbook too.

If anyone has comments about any differences in security settings generated by choosing the Work or the Home option ( or just checking the " Do not detect new networks again " box ), that information will also be greatly appreciated.

My most grateful thanks in advance to those who read and respond to the preceding!

Providing you choose the same option on all the computers, it doesn’t matter. The Zones in CIS aren’t very complicated, they’re simply a definition of a network with a specific label. For example, you choose home:

It creates a new Zone called Home #1 with a network (for example)

It also creates two rules for the System process under Application rules and two Global rules, the rules simply allow connections to and from the Home #1 network. You could equally have chosen Work. The only difference is the zone created is called Work #1.

With the Public label, it creates a zone, but doesn’t add the rules to System and Global.