New Network

I restarted my desktop computer, and on startup, Comodo Firewall says its detected a new network, addressed I turned off the modem and the router, and restarted my computer, and when the router came back on, but not the modem, the Firewall again says new network detected. I haven’t updated the router, and I have never seen this address before. I assume it is in the router, but I don’t know what it does. Should I block it or let it through? thanks for the help. I have Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.12

I think I might have a solution. I recently installed Comodo Unite, and that program states that it is on as a network. Is this possible? thanks again.

Yes that’s what I was going to ask :wink: if you had Unite installed.
It creates an ‘internal’ network based on the 5.x.y.z range.

Where /9 is a bug in the current version of CIS it should be /8.