New name 4 BOClean competition ! [Closed]

Here’s your chance to come up with some ideas for a name to call the new version that is due for release soon, and/or new company title maybe.

Obviously it should be something that will be catchy/sexy, but also sound professional too, in order to reflect the status of both the company and product/s.

Let your imagination run free, and let’s see just how creative you can be.

Melih has personally sanctioned this, so it’s official, well kinda lol.

I can’t promise a prize, but you never know !

Here’s a few i’ve already thought of to start the ball rolling.







If you like you could design a Logo or banner too, eg -

Get bizzy wid da fizzy, and post em ASAP.


I should add that any name suggested does not mean it will definately be selected or used.


Comodo+BoClean=CoClean.It does just that coworking with your a/v.

Melih has personally sanctioned this, so it's official, well kinda lol.

If this is for real, I would leave it up to Kevin. I’m sure that the name of any of the products here will start with Comodo though. :wink:

TAFKABOC (The Antitrojan Formerly Known As BOClean)

BOClean NG (next generation)


Nothing rings the bell for me. I would stick with BOClean.

How’s about ComClean

BOClean From Comodo… (edited to add the From Comodo part…)

Bomodo - Bocleodo - Bocleacom - Comcle - Comocle (just joking). Maybe just Boclean then.


It’s inevitable because that’s how the Comodo name will receive recognition for its products. Thinking of a superb name that most agree with isn’t easy. (We’re on the 10th page and still having trouble with naming the next firewall version 88))

The one thing that threw me off when I was first looking at it was the name. I initially thought it only covered Back Orfice. However, after a little research I found it covered a whole bunch more. And where this is a new page in Boclean’s great history I suggest.

Troclean TNG

Comodo Clean Sweep - retains a “tie” to its original name.

Comoclean, Comoboclean. And as a price I want a free version of the product! (:NRD)

Comodo BC :THNK

Winner!! :BNC


I agree!! A winner!!!

No other name :o Just Comodo BOClean will do fine :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Why not calling it Comodo BackClean then?

I vote just Comodo BOClean. :wink:

I am still working on the new name…give me a little time it will come to me…BUT in the mean time I have what I think is a really cool idea. For years BOClean users have fondly looked at the little square down in the tool tray and glanced at it’s green…red and blue flashes. It is what lets me know what is going on and that it’s silently working in the background.

BOClean is more then Back Orifice protection sure enough… to show the new status replace the little black vacuum cleaner with a small dragon or dragon head with a flame coming out of it’s mouth nothing big same size or just just a little bigger. A static silhouette. Keep the same color and flashes I have this thing in my head I just don’t know how to show you…