New MSN site not displayed in Dragon [merged topic]

I use MSN as my home page. They came out with a new one today. It says both my browsers are out dated. I use both Comodo and Ice Dragon Comodo. But both browsers say they are up to date. So how do I get them to work with the new MSN home page. This is the message I get.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade to the latest version for the best MSN experience.

I am using Opera 12.17 and it doesn’t get that message when accessing . This looks like an unfortunate case of browser sniffing. It is best to contact the web site about it.

Does it accept the just relased Comodo Chromium Secure?

Thank you I do that and see what they say. lee


Msn website is not displayed correctly. attached message. I have the latest version of Comodo Dragon (Version

thank you

"You are using an old version of your browser. Put it in day to enjoy a better experience MSN "

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Marti7, I merged your topic with an already existing one to keep things in one place.

You may want to read my previous post about browser sniffing.