new MRG On Demand and System Rescue test

Greetings all,

Since we all like tests here is a recent results by MRG
“On Demand and System Rescue test”

The results page


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Well done to Hitman Pro. I’m not surprised at how well it did actually.

I am surprised with the a-squared result.

Hitman Pro is hte best malwarecleaner at the moment ;). It packs the best antimalwares in 1 in a cloud product :-TU



Why are you surprised?

a-squared has the highest detection rate for ages. Have a look at many previous MRG results and some other tests as well. As far as I remember there was only one test approximately half a year ago or so, where Avira was the 1st with say 99.95 and a-squared scored 99.9 that time (figures are not precise but very close. I can find that test but I am not sure that is really very important)

Cheers! and Happy New Year!

Yeah high detection rates and alot of FP, I am suprised because I have though that a-squared has deleted some important files :stuck_out_tongue:

All security have FPs. We know how to deal with them.

The test was not about FPs
As for deletion ??? that only user to decide … a2 only notifies you about suspects

Were you that user? :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!

:stuck_out_tongue: I only say that to be Ironic.

:-TU Hi DiSP, I like irony & jokes ! ;D Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!