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While enjoying some internet surfing yesterday I happened upon a few favoriable comments regarding the Comodo Internet Security Application and, after years of an admittedly satisfying relationship with one of the “other” Firewall Apps out there (I won’t give the name but, it’s initials are “ZA”) decided to give your Comodo a try in my 64-bit Win7 computer and at this point have no reason not to install it in my WinXP computer when I get to that one later today.

I just completed the installation and came across the instructions on How to Install Comodo Firewall and found it extremely useful as I followed it’s recommended settings followed by a reboot.

My question is, and sorry if I don’t see the answer as I’ve looked around these Forums, regarding the Windows Firewall.

I’m presuming the case, as it is with Anti-Virus applications is NOT to have two Firewalls running at the same time?

I’ve disabled the Windows Firewall and have ONLY Comodo running at the present time and would like to hear any feedback regarding whether it’s ok, or not, to have both Firewalls active at the same time. And, if not, should there be something in the installation instructions to address this or even an automatic disabling of the Windows Firewall once Comodo is activated.

Thank you and, so far so good with my newly installed Comodo Firewall which seems to be on the job protecting me as I’m hoping it will continue to do far into the future.

Any other tips or advice very much appreciated!



No, you definitely do not want more than one software firewall running on your machine at a time, so you did the right thing by disabling the Windows firewall.

As to why installation didn’t turn off the Windows firewall, some systems seem resistant to do this. I’ve installed on some machines that CIS will turn off the firewall, and on others it will not. I don’t know why this is the case.

Hi HeffeD and thank you for that quick reply.

Ok, glad to know my instincts were correct.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to add a comment as part of the “How to…” instructions so other new users of CIS might get a heads-up to turn off their Windows Firewall as part of the setup? (I’ll do the same on my XP computer once I install CIS there also).

Thanks again! :-TU