New member HI:)

Hi guys:),

I’m new here just registered. Been using CISver5 for a 8months from CISver4 in XP SP3. Well it’s a good feeling to be here and hope to be interacting with you all here:)

Thank you!

Gapp :slight_smile:

Another new guy, welcome. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy using what it has to offer… happy posting. :-TU

Herzlich Willkommen

warm welcome to comodo forums Gapp! :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Hi Gapp, welcome to the forums. (:WAV)

Welcome to the forums Gapp :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums bud!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Don’t be afraid to post any feedback you may have; or any issue you are concerned with!


Hi Gapp. Welcome to you, and we look forward to interacting back with you. Comodo Forums, a good place to learn, help and have fun. Enjoy and Kind regards.

Hi! Don’t annoy kail, argue with EricJH, or condemn Melih, and you should be all right. :a0

Edit: Don’t ignore me too, like everyone else does.

Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the Comodo forums and enjoy your time here. It’s a cool and open place.

Hello & welcome! ;D

Hi buddy,

You made it:) This is a good learning site!


Welcome :-TU

Just ignore LaserWraith, he says that to everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the hood

Nuh uh! I said it specially for this thread. 88)

I love creating unique sarcastic and unfunny comments.
(Though I do good ideas from that great book a former disgruntled mod gave me !!)

I am also new here. I joined this forum to become familiar with Comodo more. I used Comodo internet security when it was in version 4 and i didn’t use newer versions yet. Currently i am using Avast Free edition but i think i will be change it in next months and migrate to Comodo because it seems great. I hope …

Welcome to you, I hope you enjoy the forum, and IMO you would also enjoy the current CIS. The current CIS is running very well here. Enjoy, have fun and all the best to you.

Welcome to the Comodo Forums. We are an open place where a lot of conversations are possible when done in civil fashion.

Are you still using CIS v4? I would suggest to move to v5 as it is more well behaved in various scenarios.

Enjoy your time here.:slight_smile: