New member asking for help

I have tried to install the free Comodo firewall but I keep getting a pop up message with the title “Destinations”. This keeps asking me to install a CD-ROM, which I don’t have, or an installation folder with destination MSI which again I don’t have. At the end of this I get an error meesage that says: Error 1706 no valid source could be found for this product destination. The windows installer cannot continue. I then press OK and it dissapears. The Comodo firewall seems to be installed ok but this pop up window keeps appearing everytime I go to a new page. I have XP windows up to date. I also use AVG anti virus.
Does anyone have any Ideas that would help me?
Note Thanks for the suggestions but I have wasted enough time on this and have gone with Peer Guardian for my firewall.

That looks like an error from the MSI installer. Which is not used by Comodo. Apparently something is interfering.

Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. This tool will allow you to delete installer related information of programs (it will not uninstall a program or its data; just installer related information). This may help with programs not installing or uninstalling properly

Now take a look in the list if there are one or more programs listed that you already have uinstalled. Delete those entries.

Is it clear from the dialogue boxes for what program the installer stuff is needed?

Hi and welcome Tony,

Also if you could take some screenshots of those messages, it will be very clarifying to anyone willing to help. :slight_smile: