[new mbr] Long way home...

Hi all!
I’ve come a long way before I got to COMODO FP. I’ve tested many free and commercial firewalls and every one of them had something that made me sack it after a while.

From latest to oldest:

ESET Smart Security - couldn’t get my FTP server to work properly. Somewhat radnom behaviour…(?)

Kerio - huh?

Sygate Personal Firewall - discontinued. High CPU usage during high network traffic.

COMODO - it’s too complicated!

nVidia Active Armor - “harwdware” one, the best I’ve ever used. Low on resource reqs. It caused problem when my network got converted to dns, dhcp… It prevented “IP renew” which caused the connection drop every two hours. Extremely low maintnace!!! I’m sorry I had to quit this one. I wonder if nVidia is going to continue firewalls development…

Now I’m back with COMODO! :wink:
The irony is I got some network knowledge during my struggling with ESET SS Firewall (mostly) - enough to try COMODO one more time :smiley: I hope I will not have to get rid of it because I can’t manage to get something to work again.

First of all - great resources optimisation! (:CLP) Second - how did I manage not to spot that COMODO has a free AntiVirus also?! :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulations on Your product, COMODO team!

Glad your back but the av isnt the greatest and still in beta. (R)

I don’t need a tip top antivirus. Maybe I don’t know what is port forwarding but my head is on place :wink:

Avast 4.8 is very good and free.

Thanks but I’ll stick with COMODO’s AV for now.

Hi Bucic,

CAVS 2 isn’t best! Infact, CAVS has been in Development/Beta for quite a few years, Especially CAVS 2. However, there is a new version (CAVS 3) HOPEFULLY, coming out at the end off this month in BETA (We are hoping the Beta won’t be a long one ;)) It has GREAT improvements, including: MUCH reduced Memory usage, The Database has been greatly expanded (MUCH better detection rate!), New Engine (Of course v3 ;)), and others. The Developers & Melih promise to be great.

So keep your eye out for CAVS 3 :slight_smile: Melih certainly thinks Comodo can deliver a top-notch AV. 8)


Hi Josh123,

How did you know that I was going to post a full of critic topic about CAVS any day? ;D
Indeed COMODO AntiVirus is a system hog. It eats 58MB of RAM (+less than 10MB for firewall)! I couldn’t believe it after I met greatly optimized COMODO Firewall. I would trash it the first day I discovered this issue but before I read about upcoming v3 Beta.

I don’t want to sound threatning but the release of CAVS 3 Beta meeting the resources standard of COMODO Firewall Professional 3 this month is the only chance I’ll keep the antivirus.

P.S. I’ve already started spreading the word. COMODO deserves it just for the firewall. I could include a good word about AV as well though :wink:

P.S.2. Is there any way I get an e-mail (or other) notification about new releases and new releases only?

We are glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

Yes, CAVS 3 will be ALOT less Memory Consumer! CFP 2.4 used about 22MB, Now CFP 3 only uses 2-7MB (Based on my system), So we can expect to see great improvements in CAVS 3 :wink:

I am very excited about the upcoming v3 BETA :BNC


I hope CAVS 3 will follow the patern of CFP 3 :wink:

I am sure it will!

Remembering it will be an AV product :wink: