New Matousec Proactive Security Challenge Test CIS 3.11.108364.552

PC Tools Firewall Plus shared first place together with Online Armor Personal Firewal, and CIS ranks third.

Product score: 97%, level: 10+, Excellent :-TU

Good Work


Good work PC tools. The only firewall that can keep up with the HIPS it seems :-TU


Yep, congrats to them. I’ve used for a couple of days PCTFW latest version and it was OK.
But I’m back to CIS, I like it more. :slight_smile:

I Wish for v4 to get 100% ;D

And i will keep to CIS for a long time :slight_smile:

Congratulations 97% is a very good rating and thanks COMODO for making such a good firewall.

CIS failed three tests namely: crash7, sss and SockSnif.

Could someone please explain what these are exactly and why CIS would fail these tests? And what can be done to protect our systems from these threats? (such as configuring CIS in a different way)

Thank You.

no… v4 never get 100%

CISv4 will get 200%!! :smiley: :comodorocks:

OMG :o

How many popups does it display to get that ?

Note : Just kidding ;D

how can pctools firewall plus get 99%. when tested this new .69 version with highest settings with comodo leak test it scores only 180 / 340. then how it is possible for pctools firewall to get 99% in matousec tests??? really shocking and unbelievable!!!


pctools plus firewall is very bad…

i’ve tested it and it looks half like zonealarm not have their own ideas? and the rest just makes a lackluster impression. miss some information in the popups, the popups are very uncharitable and the program itself are described as lacking a lot. comodo has since done a lot better prepared.
i think the security uses a user nothing if the program is not as advanced optical…

 Congratulations Comodo folks!  Keep up the excellent work on CIS, [b]truly the best![/b]

a good score for a good Internet Suite.

Latest version of PCTools Firewall slowdown my internet connection.

This test was proactive (Turned off anti-virus scanner) and outbound connection only.

Not an “Incoming” blocking test.



 Security Software Testing Suite - SockSnif (spying test)
 Copyright by, Different Internet Experience Ltd.

   * The original idea by, Different Internet Experience Ltd.

  Method description:
   * Create a raw socket.
   * Bind the raw socket with a local interface.
   * Enable promiscuous mode on the binded interface the socket to receive all ip packets.
   * Receive packets transmited over the interface and try to find the given pattern in TCP packets.




 Security Software Testing Suite - Crash7 (termination test)
 Copyright by, Different Internet Experience Ltd.

 Method description:
   * Attempts to terminate target processes by allocating all system memory.




 Security Software Testing Suite - SSS (general bypassing test)
 Copyright by, Different Internet Experience Ltd.


   * Based on the idea and code of System Shutdown Simulator, written by Denis Sazonov,

 Method description:

   * Use ExitWindowsEx API to log off the current user but treat WM_QUERYENDSESSION message not to terminate our test.
   * Assuming that the security software behaves correctly and terminates their user components when the user logged off,
     wait a few seconds and attempt to perform an otherwise privileged action.
   * The implementation of this test assumes that the following actions are privileged:
        (a) An outbound connection attempt.
        (b) Manipulating services and drivers of the security software.