New Matousec Firewall Challenge

You can see the results here:

After all outpost is better than comodo 3.5 and mamutu is the worst… but the winner is… xD

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The results show a few open holes that can be closed with CIS in a future update.
Scored better then Norton did.

Better than Norton but not better than Netchina??

Are the tests new or include some new tests?

Read here

[b]Changelog[/b] [b]2008-11-07: Thirteen new tests have been added to the suite, two tests have been removed, several tests have been improved, some changes have been done to the licence agreement. Kernel1 has been added to the Level 3; Kernel1b has been added to the Level 4; Kernel2, Kernel3 and Crash4 have been added to the Level 5; Kernel4, Crash5 and Crash6 have been added to the Level 6; FireHole2 and Kill12 have been added to the Level 7; Kernel4b and Kernel5 have been added to the Level 8; Crash7 has been added to the Level 9. PerfTCP and PerfUDP have been removed from the suite – mixing the performance and security tests turned out not to be a good idea. The current number of the tests in the suite is 81.[/b] 2008-06-18: The configuration file has been improved. 2008-05-23: All the termination tests have been improved. The new implementation is more reliable and easier to use. 2008-05-06: Three new tests have been added to the suite. PerfTCP and PerfUDP have been added to the Level 1, SockSnif to the Level 8. 2008-04-24: Seven new tests, namely Keylog1, Keylog2, Keylog3, Keylog4, Keylog5, Keylog6 and Keylog7, have been added. 2008-03-18: The first public version that contained 60 tests was released.

Thanks! Totally disregarded that! :smiley:

How is it possible that the old version of the firewall (version 2.4) scores only 55 % ??? and the new improved comodo internet security scores “only” 84%, this is 16 % behind 100% and that is far for me… Comodo must get behind online Armor and must score at least 92% and must pass online armor FREE, only then it can call itself the best “FREE” firewall and security suite…

Now it is behind 6 competitors and that is a lot!!! okay, in terms of percentage it is not that much, but when we talk about security every half percent counts!!!

We believe there is a bug that causes these results.
We are investigating it.

We will make sure its all taken care off quickly.



I am sure you guys will fix this. I am confident one day, you will teach online armor the one and other… (:WIN)

Less about 11% than previously (:SAD) It’s so weak result. What happened, guys? I hope Comodo will have (B) next time.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The amount of resources we have assigned to our products are unparalled by anyone in the industry! We care, not to pass leaktests, but to secure our users. That is why people love Comodo, we care about them and provide them amazing software to protect themselves.

This is a small bug, that causes David/Matousec to report these findings, that will be fixed within next week. Comodo’s products are very high quality products that are architected very welll from ground up. Our job is to protect you! We make this job easier for ourselves by building top notch products that does the work for us! :slight_smile:



First thing I’m wondering is, what configuration did CIS have?

On the other hand, it doesn’t amaze me Comodo isn’t at the top. I have used Orline Armor free and it also is a rock solid product. I did not like their way of making such a difference between a paid and free version as usual so quit using it when meeting Comodo. Even an older version still being good doesn’t amaze me. I still have a couple of solid win32 Windows95 tools I regularly use.

The way CIS 3.5 works. CFP 3 was sort of rock solid. Adding new features… CIS 3.5.
Since using 3FP I have put all my registry keys, being a group called ‘all keys’ containing wild card ‘’ in the ‘My Protected Registry Keys’ and again a '’ in a group called ‘all COM objects’ in the ‘My Protected Interfaces’
It made my HKLM\System\Software\Comodo grew to now 6.15MB. Which was beyond ten times less when having Defense+ to the smallest settings.

Exciting reply! That’s why I love comodo! Hope the next version wil fix the flaw~

Even though the score wasn’t what i had expected, I applaud Comodo’s efforts so far and the even more efforts to come :BNC (:CLP)

Atleast CIS got #1 in free security suites. ;D Nah, I’m sure when the new version released next week gets tested, we will be No. 1 again. :wink:


Hey, I thought that Comodo weren’t going to participate in those tests because some of the tests were irelevant in real world situations, Has Melih changed his mind or as Matousec changed his methods?

Well seeing how alot of people read these “tests” and decide what they will use by these tests only I could see why Comodo would like to be #1 or the top 3 like they have been for so long. ;D

There is a reason… But :-X


what reason? :THNK

As we have seen, participating in this kind of tests is very useful otherwise the bug wouldn’t have come out (B)