New - Another Proactive Security Challenge milestone

Comodo need it win

Most interesting:

The further development will focus on implementing new testing suite for Windows 7 on 64-bit platform.
This means that in some time we will see a comparison between HIPSes on x64 environment. Will be very interesting.

I want to see another 100% there! :smiley:

The vendors are now given five weeks to review their products' protections. The tests with the new version of the suite and new rules will start after that.


Raising the bar to the next level.

Bring it on… O0

although i love how they culdnt achieve this 100% until they saw the test, updated CIS it to prevent w/e tests it missed then got themselves retested to achieve the 100%… because actually improving ur product for the purpose of improving is meaningless, but improving just enuff to stay on top of specific tests is the way to go… (which it sadly is apparently…)

Comodo needs to focus just a little less on marketing and publicity otherwise many people’s opinion isnt going to change

If someone finds a “flaw” in your product you would like for it to get fixed, right? What’s the big deal with getting retested anyway?? Many of the top contenders has gotten them-self retested one time or an other…

Read this if you like:;msg222603#msg222603

This was a long time comodo’s view on some of the tests… CIS could easily passed all tests without adding any code and was scoring lower than necessary, others gladly got them-self retested (Oh how dare they? 88)) and was adding stuff to pass the tests they failed. CIS however got trashed for a long time for failing these tests…

Eventually a change was made in proactive, and here we are today…

Yeah you can whine on that I guess but whine equally on the others then… As you probably are aware, CIS is one of the few products that skips publicity in the form of AV testing… We have this board where malwares or POCs that bypasses CIS are posted…

As you can see, there is very few… Its not just leaks…Most of them are just “partial” bypasses eg unclear alert… (the reason why I call AV-testing a form of marketing is especially due to today’s static tests that uses month old samples sent from the AV companies themself… It just isn’t any real world representative but gladly used later by the top scoring ones to mislead the computer illiterates to tell everyone how good they really are against “today’s” threats, that happened to be month old during the testing…)

Anyway, please name one security vendor that isn’t caring at all about marketing.? 88) I bet such a company is today dead… Or that you have missed their marketing model…

Online Armour has their “we are the good guys, small company” thing going… Norton (symantec) has their name spreading by engaging a lot in publicity in different magazines… AVAST! Avira, A2 (and many others) are products that “focuses” on marketing with the help of static testing and such… Products from kaspersky, PC Tools (actually owned by norton), OA, Outpost All marketing ■■■■■■ 88) who care deeply for Leak tests, and so does CIS… But then they are the few really good against unknown threats and capable of detecting stuff when it dials home… :-TU

lol looking at explanations from certain people,i dont think publicity is the reason for Comodo not participating in AV tests…

and about matousecs test, how come the program always gets an update after the test to achieve 100% instead of being on its own schedule of constantly improving against new threats thru research and not when the test tells u that u didnt do good on leaktest xyz. im sure others do this as well, its just CIS does it pretty consistently.

Surely one of matousec test (CPIL) is an implementation of an original PoC from Comodo.

Whereas for months there have been other Comodo’s PoCs (Proof of Concept) focused on aspects not addressed by Matousec proactive challenge, matters not if this will be be negligible surprise or willingly neglected fact for those who subscribed to these forums to consistently share prejudicial viewpoints about Comodo.

To each one his/her security setup/approach of choice, nevertheless I hope there will be still some place left to focus on proactive defense at least in these forums and not reduce everything to a matter of scores or rehash the incumbent default-allow security brainwash users have been bombarded for years whereas malware authors are not alone exploiting such widespread mindset.

Matousec first mission should be (and it is) to reveal potential vectors of infections or/and leakage, in that light following his tests progress should be only + (D+ ;D ) nothing less only more ;), if at another hand sec. application passing only tests from Matousec (PCTools), I would say that is cheating attempt …

The first results… 8)

Avast 3% :frowning:

Hello Guys. In a moment of sheer madness when Avast was going through its Beta paces i thought of switching (smacks oneself in the face!) after being with Comodo through its ups and downs, and now i am glad i didnt.

Comodo 100000000000000% is the tops!.


Comodo hasn’t been tested by the newest tests yet. Let’s hope it’s still right there at the top.

By the way, I’m sure it is.

When CIS will be tested ?

How the heck does Norman stay in business? ???

2 new products have been test, Mcafee (the worst product) and Malware Defender (on top now)

I’m waiting for more results !


Just to let you guys know, I just tested CIS v3.14.130099.587 using the new tests, and I can assure you that comodo will have a 100% rating again. I did it using VMware Player with windows XP 32-bit, however I am going to do it again without VMware and record my results in a video this time. I will probably do it over the weekend depending on what else I have to do, but right now I am going to bed.

New results… 8)