New Malware

I have just read an article regarding an undetectable malware. You can read more about at this link.

I really want to see Comodo kick some ass and find a solution to this. Comodo will then make alot of peoples eyes open and they will see what a “REAL” av can do as well as the dedication of your team.
Keep up the brilliant work.


I have spoken to Melih and our developers.

When we have the antispyware launched with AV we will detect these.

Watch this space… :wink:

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager

Eh, “Blue Pill” crap again…

to be 100% correct, we already catch some spyware with the current AV engine :wink:


will the av detect rootkits too…look at the new blbeta frm fsecure…i am ready to pay anything for an av which will detect rootkits and trojans too and has a good realtime shield.

We are putting a lot of behaviour blocker code into AV by end of the month (fingers crossed).


Why crap, RejZor?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Call it conspiracy theory… but after reading that link, it sounds like the “makers of the red pill” needed to make the Blue Pill in order to validate the existance (and possible sale) of the Red Pill ::slight_smile: