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And again we see a set of tests performed by a reputable source and CBOC does not seem to be in the test. Just wondering if they missed CBOC or Comodo decided not to support the test?
Rogue Detections: Old, Not So Old and New Threats
Malware Detections of Free Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware

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BOClean is only a realtime scanner and no file scanner, so that should be the reason why it is not included in that test.

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Yeah Red, I understand how CBOC works. If you read the test reports I think you’ll see they didn’t use the test Anti-Spyware programs to scan initially for malware but actually installed the Rogue programs to see if the tested anti-spyware programs caught any of the Malware being loaded onto the systems as well as being able to spot the installed rogueware. Catching installed malware is Just what CBOC was made to do. I realize it’s limited in scanning for the installed programs.

Being a detection test, Comodo BOClean should had been part of it. Same goes for ThreatFire, which is think it would be more suitable than Spyware Doctor for this test. Also, I don’t understand why AVG Antispyware 7.5 Free was not included. It is a great antispyware and still has update support from AVG until 31-12-2008. So it would make sense to take part on it. This fellow does not joke! I use it since it was Ewido. Very great.

Actually if you followed some of the links you will find they did test AVG A/S and it didn’t fair so well:

It failed in all three tests as well as SS&D and WD.

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