new malware targeting mssql

another malware topic in wildersecurity that i found interesting

that targets MS SQL databases if its accesible via oledb

maybe im overthinking that this maybe a programmer atcking his own created system but yeah thats probably paranoia kicking in ;D

“Symantec is warning of a new bit of malware that appears to be modifying corporate databases, particularly in the Middle East, though its showing up elsewhere in the world too.”

First it’s corporate databases. Second it will stay in the Middle East. About this malware being in other parts of the world well where? I bet it’s remote just like the Middle East.

just to answer

actually that why i thought it may be a programmer attacking some specific system because its localized and for corporate but maybe i just watched a lot of TV ;D

i do know its targeting corporate db and localized but just posting it

I got that. I posted for others. So others don’t panic. As your 1st post is not clear :slight_smile: