New Logo?

I think the current CD logo isnโ€™t as pretty as that of Chrome :stuck_out_tongue:
May be you can make a new logo for CD?
For example, the logo at the bottom right corner of your browser when you read this forum is very good. Maybe just modify it a bit and add some red 3D text such as โ€œCโ€ or โ€œCDโ€ onto the globe.
Thanks. :smiley:

if you guys ever change the logo please make it easy to revert back to the current logo because it is by far my fav logo for any browser or any program out there for that matter

Sorry brightness, but I have to agree with trscsaeg the logo IMO is fine and very modern day.
Blends in well with Comodo.

I to like the current logo a lot

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