New(?) leaktest that claims to bypass comodo

A firewall leaktest analysis is published here:
Of course Comodo landed on the top (:CLP)
but there seems to be a leaktest that comodo cant handle…

Personally I couldnt understand how (or if) it passed, it claimed it had bypassed the firewall but I couldnt see any proof of it (other than the claim from the DOS box.) But maybe something the dev team want to look at?

It is named Coat and is available for download here:

I would like to know too, however this test failed on my PC.

I had to run it via CMD to be able to see it, because it closes.
I guess, that I passed it too when I ran it directly, it just waited.

CPF does not fail the Coat Leak Test in the latest beta we have!



Good to hear. Not that I ever doubted Comodo, I promise!

Excellent… I just discovered this very leak test myself and that is why I came here and registered to post about it, but someone beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue: