New Laptop. Certificate revoked. No support.

I dropped a laptop with old certificate. My replacement laptop would not install the certificate from the e-mail stating that it was a different computer.

I logged a service ticked asking for the certificate to be revoked.

This is the response: “I have revoked the Email Certificate for the email id: [XXXXl@XXXX .com], please apply again for the same email id as you did before.” (Note: I blanked out my e-mail address)

Nothing has changed. I still get the error: 'A Privacy Manager certificate has already been issued for this e-mail address. Do you want to order a new certificate now? – Yes – – No --"

After responding to the ticked again this is the response I get; “Thank you for contacting Comodo
To resolve this, please contact DigitalPersona “”. They will help you on this issue.” :o

So I guess that Comodo can’t help with their own certificates or that I just had a lazy tech support person help me on this case. 88) Case ticket # ABJ-519080.

Is there anything else that I can do on this end? Thank God that I did not encrypt any e-mail yet. I was/am skeptical of encryption and the dangers of losing data and was just trying it out. I only used it to sign e-mail for now.

It seems that the Digital persona having different process with COMODO…