New laptop and leak test fail

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Can anybody help or offer some suggestions. The last laptop I had was an Acer running win7 32 bit and CIS with no other security software. The conf was proactive, sandbox enabled, D+ safe, firewall safe and av stateful. I did the CLT test and and got 340/340. I bought a new laptop from HP with win7 32 bit and the same setup for CIS and failed miserably. I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled with the same results. I tried again but this time with sandbox disabled and D+ in paranoid and failed again. I just dont understand why my previous laptop passed and this one doesn’t. One other problem occurred - when I ran CLT the first time and failed, it also prevented Firefox from opening saying that I do not have enough admin rights. But I turn off D+ and Firefox worked again. This is when I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled again, Firefox worked as well. Also with both machines I stripped and repartioned them both and made sure that all the software was the same.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated

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Have you tried to turn off the UAC (User Account Control Settings)? Try to
uncheck the option “Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them
outside the Sandbox” and try again the CLT test with your settings above.

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If this doesn’t work try renaming the leaktest and running it again. It’s possible that there are some rules in place that you’re not aware of.

I tried the first suggestion from Ovidiu G and got 320/340 and wasn’t happy with that. Ran the test again and got 110/340 not very happy again. Tried your suggestion and bad result again. This has got me stumped. I rebooted a couple of times and still no 340/340. I’m looking forward to any input in particular from the dev’s of Melih or anyone who can help.

I have not got a more than 320/340 with settings above (Win 7; 32 bit; UAC disabled)

I have a win7 64bit laptop running CIS V4…828. Have watched the youtube video and set my configuration accordingly. Ran the LT and results were 200/340. Same results with or without sandbox.
I also have CIS V4…828 installed on windows XP with same configuration and get a 320/340(Impersonation : Coat and RootkitInstallation: ChangeDrvPath, FAILED),same results with or without sandbox.
I then uninstalled CIS and installed Online Armor ++ V4.0.0.49 beta on the win7 64bit laptop and ran the LT and the results were 250/340…
So there’s a dramatic security risk running CIS V4 on a win7 64 bit…versus a win/xp system…

Hello EricJH and Melih,

I don’t know about other people but I am very disappointed that you moved this post to a different section when the problem isn’t even answered your the experts. I don’t see the point of moving my post when there is a serious problem which others may have and may also have an answer to. Perhaps Melih can take a bit more control over what gets moved and what doesn’t. I get the feeling that my problems with CIS is of NO concern to any of the dev’s or experts. Please tell me that I am wrong and please provide some assistance.