New Kernel Vulnerability Discovered in Vista

just found here:

The flaw is in the network input/output subsystem of Vista. Certain requests sent to Vista's iphlpapi.dll API can cause buffer overflow errors that can corrupt Vista's kernel memory leading to a blue-screen-of-death (BSOD) crash.

Unterleitner told ZDNet UK, “[the] exploit can be used to turn off the computer using a (denial-of-service) attack. This buffer overflow could (also) be exploited to inject code, hence compromising client security.”

The flaw has been verified in Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate editions and it is assumed that all other versions of the operating system will be susceptible to the flaw as well. According to ZDNet UK Microsoft told it that while Microsoft was aware of the issue, it was not aware of any malicious code that can take advantage of the flaw.

Microsoft also didn’t confirm that a fix for the flaw would be offered in the next service pack for Vista.

almost sure CFP can prevent it until MS patch is out

i’m sure it does, seeing that cmdagent.exe starts up in the kernel layer. i’m guessing cmf.exe and cssurf.exe also do too?

Comodo Memory Firewall will prevent this, And at the end of the year hopefully full CMF will be integrated in CIS as well - With the CMF it self updated with fixes & improvements.


Wonder if the Microsoft Windows 7 will be any better than Vista, and if it will have as much trouble or far more less. (:TNG)

off topic: Windows 7 beta preview here: