New installation CIS problems

I’ve been using CIS for years, and I just installed it (latest version) on a new laptop, running Win 7 Pro x64 - same as my previous laptop.

Using all default settings, I have the following problems:

  1. On the Unrecognized Files and Trusted Files screens, trying to do a “Move To” or “Add” gets no response (or a garbled response - partial text only - after a minute or more). This occurs with a right-click or with the tabs at the bottom.

  2. Palemoon is unable to connect to any website, though IE works OK. I suppose I could try to play with trusted files, etc, had it not been for item #1 above.

  3. I see many Blocked Intrusions, including many to cis.exe. Is this logical?

Again, this is a brand new Windows system, and CIS settings were not modified after the install. Palemoon worked initially, and if I’m not mistaken, stopped working after a massive Windows Update (149 updates). A re-install did not change anything.

Thanks for any advice.

EDIT: I just had a thought. Although this is a new Windows system, many of my files were copied over form the old machine, including “Documents”. Does CIS keep anything there? (I am at work now, so I can’t check my machine). Also, I don’t recall what happens when CIS is first installed, but I do recall having to go through Training mode or something. This time there was no prompt for “initial scan” or anything like that. Again, I don’t recall what I’d seen previously.

Hi bxf,

This might have been caused by a misconfiguration. Did you try to re-install using this guide?
Also, please attach a diagnostics report for analysis.

Thank you.

Thanks, qmarius.

This was a first CIS install, using all defaults, so misconfiguration should not occur, one would have thought.

Still, your suggestion sounds good as an attempt to repair. I will try tonight when I get home.


Well, surprise, surprise, surprise.

I booted my machine when I got home, and everything is working fine. It sure wasn’t when I shut down previously.

I am satisfied.

Thanks for the help.