new install xp questions

new install xp questions
turn xp firewall off manually or does comodo do it (I do not consider xp firewall a third party firewall)?

Avast icons have disappeared from systry = how do I recover
I have allowed all avast realted configuration alearts?

now for the big one

Logged into for what was an admoinistrator account eventhough this is not the first account created
now I am getting (evidently windows) popups saying I do not have permission to run any programs

I have to rt click and select administrator and enter a password for each program- including explorer
popup says control.exe- cannot access- you may not have permission to access this…

I can get to control panel and printers and faxes but cannot get to "SET Program ACCESS
WTF Control.exe?

incidentally the initial scan found a change in Ie put did not show the whole path- so I saved the log and will look at it later. Also I was asked to save any detections when there were non

Thanks to Comodo tech support this machine is now up and running

basic drill was to remove Comodo in safe mode
then I ran the norton removal tool because I found some fragments of a 2004 Norton installation
then installed int he primary-first administrator account in normal mode

the comodo start up scanner found

ApplicUnsf.Win32AdInstaller in TempInt Files
which is interesting as I had cleared them earlier this AM
this name does NOT google for me
any idea what this is/was?
and where it comes from?