new install WIN7, and Comodo makes it crash

Just wiped my laptop clean, and re-installed WIN7 64 bit. Downloaded the cfw_installer, installed Comodo firewall, updated Windows. Now, as soon as Comodo opens up to ask permission for anything, the laptop locks up, will do nothing at all. Hard reboot, and then no display. I pull battery out of laptop, and it will then boot up, and same thing happens again.

Any ideas? Seems like there used to be different versions of the firewall for 32/64 bit?
I have used Comodo firewall for years with WIN7 with no issues.

Any help is appreciated.

This sounds like something went very wrong with the installation. Did it ever work after reinstalling Windows or did this behavior start from the first time you installed Comodo Firewall? It sounds like it happened from the start, but I just want to make sure.

Other than that, I would recommend downloading a new installer from this topic:

Then reinstall CIS by following the advice I give in this topic:

Let me know if that solves the problem, or if the problem persists.

Thank you.

Someone else having problems too… At least its not just me then mgh 24
I’ll see if i can clarify things for chiron in the hope that someone at comodo can sort this rubbish* out.
Background first…
Ive been running comodo firewall for several years now along with avg anti-virus.
Ive not installed the avg firewall or the bloatware that’s developed around what i once considered a top firewall by comodo.
I have 2 machines with win 7 on them…
Acer 5935g…intel t64400 2ghz dual core cpu, 3 gb ram, win 7 64 bit sp1 with all updates…
And desktop…
Amd athlon 64 6000+ dual core 3ghz, 4gb ram, win 7 64 bit with all updates.
Both systems have been stable all year, working fine with no problems.

On wednesday this week, 04.12.13., things started going wrong with the laptop, being a busy week and being in the middle of repairing a friends laptop, i didn’t worry too much about it and carried on using the desktop…that is until the next morning…when the same thing happened to that machine.

The problem was this…
I got a grey pop up box in the top left hand corner of the screen saying ‘windows has stopped working’ with an ‘end process’ and ‘cancel’ button in the box. From the moment that appeared on the screen the machine froze…
Couldn’t do anything, couldn’t even shut it down. Press the reset button on the front panel or the power button to do a ‘cold’ re-boot and when the machine started up and had loaded windows…back to square one… Though the pop-up box didn’t always appear the system just froze…on both machines
Initially i was blaming windows thinking it was an update that must have caused the problem, i did a quick google on my phone and found several posts saying there were issues with several recent updates so i was convinced that’s what it was.

So i spent wednesday re-installing windows and all my programmes on them. By about 2am wed. Night/thurs. Morning i had everything loaded. I always leave installing the av and firewall till last on an install to save the hassle of disabling them to install programs i know to be safe.
So, i came to install avg then comodo ( i learned a few years back that you need to do it this way round or else avg throws a fit and tells you to uninstall comodo)…at this point…both machines had the pop-up box appear and froze…it was late at night and i was pulling my hair out…wtf…how could a fresh install with no updates on 2 different types of machine have exactly the same problem?

I’d had enough, was starting to get paranoid thinking the world was out to get me so i finished my ■■■■ lit a cigarette and went to bed
Thursday was really busy so i only got part way through the second clean install on both machines, i finished the installs last night.
Now heres the clue…

I’d started the install on the desktop first as i needed it up and running, which meant that the laptop install was a win 7 install disc behind as i had to load it one the desktop before i could load it on the laptop.

As soon as windows was installed on both machines i’d turned off automatic updates, i installed all my programs on both machines except for avg av + comodo firewall, before i installed them on the desktop i’d started a defrag so was using the laptop to watch a bit of telly and get online for a few things, relying on the routers hard firewall.
So basically at around 11.30pm last night i had 2 different machines with clean installs of win 7 64 bit, installed with almost identical programmes and both were running fine…
I then installed avg av on the desktop and followed that with …comodo…
Guess what…back to square bloody one…thanks comodo

Luckily because i had the two installs running at the same time it was now obvious what had caused the problems…
Everything on the desktop was fine till i installed the comodo firewall…so i’m now on my third clean install on that machine in as many days…not happy except for the fact i now know what caused all the grief in the first place.

I’m typing this on the laptop which, as ive not installed comodo is still running fine.
The only problem i have now is researching what firewall to replace comodo with…

I hope this helps anyone with this problem work out whats gone wrong so they can sort their machines out and i hope it helps comodo realise that, like houston, they have a problem to deal with, and see if they can fix it…
Very disappointed as with the combination of avg and comodo over the last 7 or 8 yrs i have never once had a virus or trojan or malware get past them and onto my system.

And chiron…please, if theres a known issue let me know as i’d still want to use comodo if theres a workround…oh, and can we have a firewall only installer and not just whats developed into the cis installer please… :wink:

I edited your post to have sentence start with a capital letter (Word can do that in the blink of an eye) and spaces between the paragraph for an easier read. Eric

I’m very sorry to hear that. I don’t think I’ve heard of a similar problem before outside of this topic. Thus, my feeling is that this is a conflict of some sort.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but would you mind trying this without AVG installed and see if the same issue happens? This is the only way to find out whether it is a conflict between AVG and Comodo. Either way, it will give us a good starting point from which we can continue narrowing down the issue.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear about this problem. You put a lot of work in getting things right. Like Chiron remarks it looks like there is a compatibility issue between AVG and CFW.

Is it possible to go into Safe Mode and add the CIS installation folders to the AVG exclusions? Does that make a difference? I don’t know from the top of my head if it is possible to check the D+ logs in Safe Mode but could you take a look in case it would be possible? Do they hold a clue if they can be accessed in Safe Mode? When possible could you also check if files belonging to AVG are on the Unrecognised Files list?

Can you see what happens when you add the AVG installation folder to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections.

thanks for the prompt reply guys,
unfortunately i’m just off out for the night but i’ll get back to you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sorry I have not replied. I appreciate the responses.

I have not had the time to try WIN7 again with another fresh install. I installed WIN8.1 preview, and Comodo Firewall with no issues.

Again, thanks for the help, and I will update this post when I try WIN7 again.

I have partitioned my hard drive, and am now trying another install of WIN7 along side 8.1.

After updates are done, I want to install Microsoft Security Essentials for my anti-virus, and Comodo firewall. Do you have a recommendation as to which should be installed first?

Thank you.

No recommendation for which program to install first.

I have the same problem as Stew, i didn’t found this topic, made a new one today… (]]

but no avg installed! and no box tell’s me window is locked…

Just freeze and no restart until remove battery!!!

I can’t reinstall my daughter laptop as she gone to university… via phone i have teach her to returno a previous restore point… luckly it worked! now she can use the laptop but the antivirus is not working!

Fixed the url. Eric

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Update -

I installed WIN7, did all the updates, then installed MS Security Essentials. Rebooted a few times to make sure that there were no issues, and everything worked fine.

I then used the link provided to get the latest Comodo download. I created a restore point and downloaded and installed the firewall. I did not see anywhere that Comodo Dragon would also be installed, but that did not bother me, and I have used it on another machine. When I tried to open Dragon, my PC froze again. Remove battery, plug in, and reboot.

At least this time I was able to boot into safe mode, and go back to my restore point.

At present I am unable to use Comodo with WIN7. Not complaining, but a heads up to others that may be having the similar issues.

I would expect the problem with Dragon to be one with video driver. I would suggest to get the latest video driver from the chip makes; Windows update is usually not up to speed with those.

The installer can be customized to not install Dragon or Geekbuddy. Look for the link saying Customize installer towards the bottom.

Just to add to all of the above:

I’ve had CIS for years and never installed any other security software, so I’ve got the full Comodo security suite. Two weeks back I was downloading a game on steam and got a sudden blue screen of death. Restarted the laptop and Windows was giving me warnings that Comodo’s antivirus and firewall were not activated. Comodo was giving me the same warning and asked me to perform a diagnostic, which promptly told me everything was working fine.

In my infinite wisdom after being irritated by these warnings for said 2 weeks I uninstalled Comodo in favour of a clean install. Restarted the computer and all hell has broke lose. Similar to the thread-creator I was having to disconnect power cables and put battery in just to ensure the laptop was starting up. When it did everything was running ridiculously slow and programmes were crashing/not responding. Comodo’s interface itself just wasn’t starting up, despite being in the startup registry and in the task manager and on several occasions my keyboard completely stopped working as well.

I did a second reinstall which seemed to work, but alas after approx 30 mins… blue screen of death again.

To clarify, after I finally managed to kill Comodo completely, ALL problems ceased (this was about 14 hours later, mind). I ran CCleaner to delete any remaining registry entries following a complete uninstall, tried one last time with a fresh install and same issue persists. I’ve installed AVG in the meantime but up until recently I’ve absolutely loved Comodo and if there is a solution I really want to go back to it.

I’m posting here since seems like the same problem but Ill start a new thread if I have to…

Will monitor this thread,



Please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this topic:

Be sure to follow all steps, even if you think they are redundant or unnecessary. Also, make sure all other anti-malware software is uninstalled, and that removal tools have also been run for any software which used to be installed, but is now removed.

If after following them, and reinstalling, the BSOD occurs again, please create a new topic in the bug reporting topic for that. Just copy and paste the code from this topic. Then put your responses after the colons.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Can you download BluescreenView and see if it picks up the crash report (it will only show a minidump; it depends on your Windows settings if it will create a full dump or mini dump)?

What error code and name does it report and which files to be involved? Could you post those results here?