New install problems

I have an older xp machine with all current updates. I was running the Comodo personal firewall. I was more then happy with it. I decided to try the anti virus after previously using avg and avira. I downloaded from Cnet. I have been unable to complete the install of Comodo. The program has asked for a reboot 5 or 6 times. The program has reached 99% completion of install. The program has asked for a reboot twice at 99%. I was really hoping to use the Comodo program, but if no one has an answer, I will go back to my previous configuration.

Thanks Brad

If you already have the firewall installed all you have to do is go to add/remove, and it will give you the option to just add the antivirus component.

However, as you have already tried to install over this, it appears that something may have gone wrong. Thus, my advice would be to reinstall by following the advice I give in this topic. Just make sure that after you remove all remnants of Comodo Firewall, that you download and install Comodo Internet Security.

Thank you.

Thanks I will attempt again.

Sadly that didn’t work. The firewall was still installed, but was not operating correctly. The program was removed from the add/remove listing and the Revo program. Even after running the programs in safe mode, it came back. Also the install program for the antivirus was still attempting to finish after the first safemode attempt. I finally just rolled the pc back. Everything is as it was before I attempted to install the Comodo antivirus. I may attempt again at another time. Thanks Brad

After uninstalling Comodo did you run the two removal tools in safe mode? If so then I don’t understand how it could still be running.

Are you saying that if you booted the computer into normal mode Comodo would start normally?

Yes, the firewall was still loading, but the side bar said it had a problem. I ran both programs twice in safe mode. Not sure why they didn’t work. After I did the restore, I removed the firewall with the Revo program. I was also getting a startup error message from avira too. I got rid of both programs using Revo and then doing a clean up using ASC. I will try again once more, but if it doesn’t work I will try another option.
Thanks Brad

When following Chiron’s guide did you follow the step to remove possilble left overs of security programs you had installed in the past? That’s an important step in getting a level playing field and a healthy start position for installing.

Got it this time. Thanks for the help.