new install on xp3, free version

I have just stopped MS security essentials and changed to comodo free product. The “C” icon in the lower right system tray was yellow after install and before updating and scanning. After all was complete the icon is red, but if there are no issues needing update or scan, i am used to an icon being green, so that I don’t have to open the program to make sure all is well. Should the icon be green or have a check mark to identify up-to-date and no issues, like MSE and others,or do i have to regularly open the program to assess?

do not install two av or two firewall : you must close one.
when it is written GREEN , you have nothing to do …
have you check or uncheck “widget” and “update” ?

I guess I wasn’t clear about what I was asking, so I will restate. I have removed MS security essentials and have only one AV program now, free comodo7.0+. I want to know specifically if the systray icon should turn green when fully updated and/or recently scanned. This is how mse worked and it is convenient to be warned when you need to update and when you need to scan without having to open the program. My icon stays red. I know that if I open the comodo program, I can see the green indicator for being up to date. I want to know if I am supposed to see color change in the systray icon or if it is supposed to stay red. Surely all those who have read this post have noticed in their install.

[i]yes every one understood yet your demand : your are not on microsoft essential but protected with a comodo product … and you expect to be warned with the color of the icon like on ms essential …

Are you speaking about CIS ? if yes , i confirm that systray icon do not change its color ; all is done from settings and widget : when it is GREEN , you have nothing to do … (settings , update every 6 hours p.e) or from the widget click “update-analyse etc.”.[/i]

Are you speaking about comodo-AV ? i do not know but i suppose it is the same thing than CIS version 7.
Are you you speaking about comodo-firewall ? i do not know but i suppose it is the same thing than CIS version 7.

so the question was : have you check or uncheck “widget” and “update” ? (assume that your choice was CIS version 7)

in shorts :
CIS = firewall + anti-virus

giwatcher, since version 5 and up, the C icon in lower right hand side of the task bar is Red, and turns yellow only when the program is telling you an update is available or a scan is recommended.

Thank you. That is exactly the info I was looking for. I have never seen the yellow icon since the new install, perhaps because I have it set to update and scan daily. I might turn off the update /scan to see if it will turn yellow, just to check. I do notice the widget is green indicating secure, but I find it to take up unnecessary space if the same info could be provided by the color of the systray icon. Maybe that could happen in a future update?

You’re welcome. Typically for me, I only see the icon in the task bar turn yellow with an ! inside of it in the event that I just installed CIS and the database has not yet been updated or if a scan has not yet been performed, or If there is a program update, or if it has detected that my virus signature is way outta date… again I say (typically for me).

Also, since I seem to upgrade everything but my systems, I have to keep things like widgets and auto updates off. In case you were not aware, you can right click on the CIS icon in the task bar and uncheck the widget if you like.

Thank you again for your kind reply. I do know that about the widget, but I have chosen to leave it on and as small as possible just because the systray icon is deficient.