New Install of Windows 7 x64 - Comodo Internet Security Will Not Accept Key

I have a new install of Comodo Internet Security on Windows 7 x64 and have hit a seriously nasty problem with it: namely that it will not accept my license key.

The license key was purchased and activated around a week before I reinstalled my Windows OS (originally Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, new install Windows 7 x64 Professional). My initial thoughts on the matter were that it was simply a single device issue (no problem, - just deactivate the original license so it can be re-activated with the new install) but, no, it does not appear to be possible to do this, ie: the activation appears to be a one-shot solution only.

The solution to this (for anyone with a like problem) is that you have to use Geekbuddy; however, you had better be prepared to call the US and to give out your registration email address over the telephone, because you will not succeed in managing to chat to anyone via the app. Not good.

Hi PNWRvmA3,

Thank you for reporting, let me check with the team and get back to you.