New install of BoC 4.26 won't stay configured.

Specifically auto-updates seens to want to reconfigure itself to “on”. I updated 4.25 to 4.26 by turning it off 4.25, then uninstalling it, then making sure the Boclean folder was deleted in program files as well as making sure that all the 4.25 folders were deleted from the ap-data folders in the individual accounts. While updating the definitions to my off-line computer yesterday, I just installed the new file to the 'net machine as well. For some reason though BoClean still wants to reconfigure itself to try and auto-update. I never had this problem with 4.25 before. I know it can’t be configured from the user account, but it’s the same way in the administrator account. The configurations will stick for a while, and then it’ll reconfigure itself. Any suggestions? thx. BTW, 4.26 is eating up as much CPU as 4.25. Something minor. Boclean says it’s updated, but when I try to get it to open a text doc as to what malware is covered, it takes forever, and then the BoClean interface stops responding. The 4.26 XVU file from yesterday shows 1,034 KB. Is there any way to check the 4.26xvu authenticity, and is it’s contents somehow protected from being altered? thx.

Wow … another strange one … let’s work our way back then … no, only BOClean can verify the integrity of the database, there’s no external way to access it or test it. BOClean will check it as soon as it fetches it or loads it and if anything isn’t just right, it’ll complain. That’s done specifically to protect it from being messed with, as well as examined by “ne’er-do-wells.” Sorry for the length of time it takes to write out that file - I’ve timed it at a couple of minutes myself as BOClean struggles through the data, parses out ONLY the names, writes it out to separate protected memory and then finally writes out a file. Not recommended anymore owing to the sheer amount of stuff in there. Since the file is multiply encrypted, doing that rather than passing the entire database straight into memory for normal use is rather intensive. And if you click around, and Windows’ prodding is being deliberately ignored, then you get that “not responding” which it deliberately isn’t. It’ll pop it once it’s done. :slight_smile:

The configuration file is kept in that Appdata area, and as far as the configuration stuff goes, it’s the same as it was for 4.25 only with 4.25 crossed out and 4.26 written in in crayon in a completely separate module. I suspect the problem you’re having is that WRITE permission may have somehow fallen away from the BOC426 subfolder in there and the writes of new data are getting blocked. Otherwise, BOClean will read whatever’s in there. Unless you’ve got some weird “system restore” type thing going on there.

Try this … do the config change, close the BOClean traybar, wait for it to cycle and then open the config screen back up and see if your settings are there still. If not, it’s probably lack of write permission on that BOC426 folder. If it DID stick and changes later, then something else is copying back an earlier copy of the config file …

Thx Kevin. I uninstalled it and then cleaned out everything BoClean and then reinstalled it again, right after my post, and it’s stayed configured so far. I’m keeping an eye on it. thx