New install - CPF response very slow

Hi - I have just installed CPF to check it out on an Intel 2.8GHz system with 1.5Gb RAM running Win 2000 SP4 and all updates.

The install went ok and CPF appears to be doing what it should however when I bring up the CPF window to check various items it is extremely slow in displaying requested windows/items with sometimes a long delay before the requested window appears. I also notice when the main CPF window is on the screen that CPF.exe is using approx 50% of the CPU. There is not much else running either except Comodo Antivirus and Windows Defender.

I have been running Kaspersky Internet Security suite without any degradation (that has been removed).

Well, after trying to see for a couple of days what is causing this slowdown in CPF response I have decided that I cannot live with such poor performance and I will have to revert to a different Firewall app. Anyway, it was worth a try.