New install; can't launch user interface

I just installed the firewall (firewall only) & after a reboot I can no longer launch the user interface. Neither right- nor left-clicking the system tray icon, nor clicking the desktop shortcut nor the program menu shortcut works.

After several reboots, I was finally able to r-click & launch the UI, but then the program just hung. Wasn’t able to kill it w/ Task Manager, so rebooted again & back to being unable to open UI.

Reinstall the program, maybe something went wrong with the installation.

I also have this question,too
I use windows 7 64bit,then I download COMODO 64bit version and install firewall only.after reboot computer,I can’t launch interface.reinstall the program,there also have this question

See where lots of other people have problems that are similar, but seem to be various reasons. You might find something to try, and contribute to the thread so Comodo can fix these problems and make a patch release.