New Install but virus signature database from september of 2007?

I’ve just installed CAV and Firewall. When I update the CAV, it tells me that the most recent virus database is from September of 2007. Is this correct, that the virus signature is not being maintained? Has this software become abandonware?

Nope. CAVS is definetly not an abandonware. In fact we are waiting for CAVS 3, which suppose to be much better (:CLP). Did you tried to reboot your system and update again ? (:TNG)

Rebooting did get a newer signature, however CAV is generating false positives on some applications. For example; Lord of the Rings online; it sees the library dll as a worm, and it keeps quarantining it. I go in and tell it to restore, so the application will work, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a permanent white list. Or if there is, I’m not finding it in the help file.

Is there a way to add a file to the whitelist so it stops breaking my games?

Try to add all your games directory to whitelist (:WIN)

And yes - CAVS is still buggy. Cuz it’s beta. (:SAD).

P.S. If the whitelisting stuff doesn’t work, try to disable CAVS while you are playing. ;D It’s not much of an advice, but you’ll get your games running and i DONT THINK YOU’LL GET INFECTED WHILE PLAYING. :THNK

Yeah, I can’t seem to add anything to a whitelist. If I go to HIPS Application Control, and select “Select” for “What items to exclude from HIPS…”, I can list the directory, but there’s no “Save” button, only a cancel button and the close window X. So, the settings don’t get saved. Ergo, the problem persists.

That’s the only way I could find to exclude anything, but perhaps I’m searching using the wrong key words in the help file.

What other methodologies can be applied to exclude or whitelist applications?

Let me explain a little better:

When I pull up the “What items to exclude from On Demand Scanner”, the screen is mostly whited out.

Here is an image

I’m not ( can’t be) using CAVS 2 beta, cuz I’m running Vista, but I remember whitelisting worked properly for me (:AGL)

Question - about those false positives. Are they really false positives ? Did you tried to scan with some other antivirus ?

I’m sure you’re not a beginner, but maybe there is a virus ? :-\

It’s a false positive. Turbine is not known as a vector point, and the software is from them. If you disassemble the dll, it’s only doing what it’s supposed to do.

Definitely a false positive.

(:SAD) I don’t know how to help you then. :-\

Only 2 suggestions

  1. Disable HIPS while playing
  2. Try to reinstall CAVS and try the whitelisting again. :frowning:

Oh yeah.

  1. Ditch CAVS for now and go with Avira, AVG or Avast, till CAVS 3 arrives (:KWL) People talk that it will be some kick ass software (:LGH) :BNC


I think that’s probably my best choice. It seems to be freaking out on other code that I know is safe too.

Ah well. The firewall seems to be pretty groovy though.

Yeah - Firewall is outstanding !!! And if Comodo manages to combine this superb program with CAVS 3 - we’ll have almost 100 % safe PC for free !!! :BNC (:CLP)

Comodo rulez ! (B)

So guys - help Comodo ! (CNY) (CWY) (CLY)