New Ice Dragon update fails and destroys browser

Using Ice Dragon 26, today the update button came up. It destroys your browser. It downloads the update, installs and then the install fails and deletes half your installation, making the browser impossible to load. I’ve tried this on 3 computers, same results. I download the so named 38 installer from icedragon.comodo and it installs the 26, even when it says it’s the 38! And then the same process above happens.

Comodo… you just killed CID! Fix this ASAP. It kills our current install. Where is the proper 38 installer? Your website even says it’s 38 when it’s 26 and the upgrade fails.

I did not had any of the problems mention above, I don’t even know when the browser updated, I just noticed the new sexy Icon on my desktop, and everything works fine.

Tho when I go to “About IceDragon” to check the new version, it says 38.0.5 and below the info I have a yellow triangle followed by “New IceDragoon update is available for download” which after a few seconds changes into a red triangle followed by “Error during update operation”. Don’t know the meaning of this but that’s about it…

Thanks for the new version. It’s very sexy 88)

Different problem here.

When I allowed the browser to “download” the new version, it first uninstalled my older version then updated THREE TIMES.

The icon has changed and “About - IceDragon” shows currently installed version as 38.0.5 but it still INSISTS that a “New IceDragon update is available for download”.

But the most annoying of all - it has completely removed all my old bookmarks!

Extremely annoying. >:(

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I’m getting the same “New IceDragon update is available for download” prompt too. I just uninstalled it and went back to version 26.

Actually, nothing is deleted, your bookmarks and settings are still there, you must simply change the profile that CID is now using, it happened to me, CID went from portable to none-portable and created a blank profile in AppData but the old profile was still in my portable directory.

I copied the blank profile to a backup one. Then copied the old profile in the new profile directory and just renamed my old profile to the new name and that’s it, I got everything back.

It’s done the same for me, as soon as I update ID it doesn’t work properly. Clicking on menu buttons does nothing and there is no bookmark icons or anything available. I have restored an older version of my ID install folder in ‘program files’ to get it working again and am saving as much data as poss, such as bookmarks etc, and will try with a fresh install. It will mean installing a fair amount of addons though. Incidentally, when running the updated ID, starting it in safe mode works. But I have disabled all addons whilst in safe mode and still have a problem when starting ID normally.

I just tried a brand clean install of CID on a machine it has never been on. I select portable version as I need that. it says the download is 38, but it downloads 26, then asks to upgrade and it crashes the install, deletes most of the files and kills it completely.

Somehow yesterday I managed to get 38 to install after like 10 attempts and cannot replicate it now. It was a fluke to get it to install. Again portable version. But I got it installed on that computer and then added some extensions, like noscript etc. Then I copied the comodo CID directory onto a USB. In the past I can then run CID off of the USB stick on any machine… that is the POINT of portable version. But what happens is that when I run it on the USB on another computer it WIPES my profile and creates a temp profile deleting all my extensions!

Never had these issues with version 26. What the heck Comodo?? What is going on? You have made CID UNUSABLE!

I seem to have got my copy stable now. I reinstalled ID fresh and it was ok. I tried copying my profile folder into AppData\Roaming etc again and had the same problem of parser errors and such. But then in the profile folder, I removed all the files from the ‘Extensions folder’ and copied them elsewhere. I then copied all the extension files back but a few at a time. Eventually I had copied and reinstalled all extensions doing this and at the end of it ID was fine, with all my old profile data such as history, passwords etc.

I don’t think they made 38 portable, which is why it may be destroying the portable version when you try to update it.

Also I think there is no comodo DNS in 38. If this is the case, all CID 38 is a Clone of local firefox. That’s it. Which is pointless. The only reason you want to then use it, is if you need another copy of firefox to run at the same time.