New Here

Hello everyone,

I am new here and I have been reading about Comodo firewall, it reviews and what others are saying, both negative and positive.

I have been using zone alarm firewall with very good results and it uses little system resources and quite easy to use.

My question is (and please do not think me rude for asking) is comodo firewall better than zone alarm and if so why?

I am considering using it, but want to make sure it will not slow down my computer or eat up resources and make it impossible for a idiot like me to configure it.

I use WindowsXP sp2, 3 gig of ram, 3.0ghz dual processor intel, ati graphics card and the other usual stuff.

If comodo is better and works as well as I have been reading I will change to this firewall for it sounds excellent to me. But before I decide on that, I want to hear from others… According to reports, version 2.4 was problems with many and ate up resources and slowed many computers down, Version 3.x it much better with improved performance.

So you tell me,

Thanks so much,


I did not think of that, ok, well I will not bother then, sorry for bothering anyone.