New Global Moderator: Dennis2!

Dennis2 has been an active, helpful & nice contributor user to these forums. We have observed him and he has done an great job… I would like to Welcome Dennis to the Mod-Squad, He is an excellent addition.

Welcome Dennis!


Yay! Congrats to Dennis! Good luck to you in your new responsibilities. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Comodorators (R) (CNY) … Now Comodo HAS you !! :-TU

Thank you 3xist, Star Shadow and Ronny :slight_smile:
Dennis (V)

First job for you,

replace this one to a better place;topicseen

Xan :slight_smile:

Thanks I think that was right :-\ still playing catchup ;D
Dennis (V)

Hmm, I don’t know, it could be a CIS one also, but yeah, it would probably better to just let it there
but errr… wasn’t the update day not next to the update buttom in CAVS2 ?

hate it these days as it’s hard to remember and know what we’re talking about (:NRD)


Congratz Dennis2 (CLY)

Greetz, Red.

Thank you Red :slight_smile:
Best Wishes
Dennis (V)