New games

Can anyone recommend any good indie games or possibly free to play MMO. I just finished Dust: An Elysian Tail which was excellent. Please no Minecraft, COD, GTA or other well known games. Just something different you enjoyed that maybe I would also. All suggestions welcome. Thanks

Well, I like keeping my games short. Kind of like pickup-and-play kinda games; nothing too demanding. In no particular order,

so, as for indie games:

  1. Hide
  2. Imscared
  3. Erie (Haven’t finished the game since my computer’s kinda dated, but it was pretty nice)
  4. SCP (absolutely loved the game)
  5. One Late Night
  6. Which (short, not at all scary, but the graphics are great if not for the much needed epilepsy warning)
  7. Red Eclipse
  8. Priority: Survive (haven’t finished it though)

I’m only playing one and that’s AQWorlds, but there’s also Crystal Saga but haven’t played it in a while now. I’m not fond of social interactions, methinks.

And although you did say nothing well known and new (and well, with an intel atom, I really can’t play much of the newer ones anyhow), I just thought to include them here, just in case someone else haven’t heard of 'em. I’m stubborn like that.

  1. Afraid of Monsters
  2. Paranoia
  3. They Hunger
  4. Dark Messiah
  5. White Day
  6. System Shock 2
  7. Frets on Fire (tutorial still makes me chuckle)

Thanks spinach_12. I also enjoyed SCP.